You wanna know how I did this in __18 weeks__?

It’s not keto
It’s not carnivore
It’s not intermittent fasting
It’s a NO BULLSHIT approach!

Fluffy to Ripped

A value-packed guide documenting and explaining how I got shredded in 18 weeks.


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Buy this book and get...

  • My top 20 tips that can help absolutely anyone get lean

  • Full Macronutrient breakdown

  • Complete grocery list I used and with clients

  • Meal timing/frequency guidelines

  • How to train on a fat loss phase

  • Golden tips from YEARS of training experience

Why listen to me?

  • I have cold hard solid proof

  • I practice what I preach

  • Nearly a decade of training experience

  • I have a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science

  • I'm a competitive powerlifter

My clients would agree

Jack quit "exercising" and started training harder and smarter to see growth.

Nathan lost fat and gained muscle. He is now stronger than ever and understands how to eat for fuel.

Get YEARS of knowledge and experience

Stop spinning your wheels getting nowhere and take action NOW!


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